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Who We Are?

St. Joan’s Public School , Zirakpur was established in 2005 to cater the educational needs of the children of Zirakpur. The School bears the motto “Knowledge is Power” which stands “Knowledge alone brings success”. The green surroundings of the school give the students a feeling of living in the lap of nature. St. Joan’s is a force that reckons a promise of more rewarding pursuits which would enrich and unfold the budding personalities of its students. Education plays a key role for human enlightenment & empowerment, for the achievement of a better & higher quality of life,for this the school is striving hard. The school helps the children to learn while growing. The School firmly believes that before the children learn to read & write, they must be effectively trained to communicate relently & confidently.

The school is efficiently run under the management of St. Joan’s Educational society, which is continuously involving itself in the welfare activities of the school as well as of the society.It is in and through the value based education that the school establishes a new horizon of humane future & a harmonious society in the city Zirakpur.


The motto of the school is “knowledge is power”.
This mantra inspires all our students the inexhaustible potential of knowledge and helps them to shape their destiny. We lead, direct, motivate and guide the students entrusted in our care and instil in them values of justice, peace and love. The school helps them to become keen learners by developing their skills as academic achievers, progressive thinkers, effective communicators and principled citizens. The combined energies of the teachers and the students will assist the ‘Joanians’ to emulate the motto and receive blessings in abundance from the Lord .


“A good start is very essential for a better finish”. Following this path St.Joan’s Public School,Zirakpur follows CBSE NEW DELHI. The school follows the continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) pattern of
examination to evaluate a child’s performance throughout the year.


We recognize that education needs to focus on the development of the whole child. Children need to be nurtured, engaged and challenged intellectually, emotionally and physically. The school provides ample opportunities to the students to tap and nurture their inherent talents. For this a synergistic blend of following co – curricular activities to enhance the life skills in students has been made the part of the school curriculum.
1.Class discussions.
2.Story telling.
3.Debate and declamation contests.
4.Audio and video activities e.g. arts, music, theatre and dance.
5.Brain Storming Sessions e.g. quiz, exhibition.
6.Educational games and simulations.


1. Football
2. Cricket
3. Basketball
4. Skating
5. Taekwondo


The biggest asset of any educational institution is its teaching faculty. We have been fortunate and blessed enough to have a well-knit team of dedicated, trained, highly qualified and experienced experts in various disciplines. Our teachers are facilitators, who hold the hands of the children, helping them for taking flight into a world of opportunity, self-help and success.


The child has a body that grows and the soul that develops. Such mysterious things should neither be left undirected nor stifled. Hence classroom teaching are interactive & appropriately supported by multimedia teaching aids. Group discussions, seminars, visits by eminent personalities of the society, field visits, projects work, other activities [Literary, Cultural, Sports & Information Technology] form an integral part of learning at school.

The School stands committed to provide comprehensive education which seeks to develop the children into academically strong, morally upright and socially well integrated individuals. Our efforts are to inculcate in our students, the appreciation & understanding of our rich cultural heritage along with the values of secularism, tolerance & fair play.